Different Types of Flowers in Nairobi and Their Meanings

Blossom Flower Basket

Flowers come in different shapes, colours, scents, and designs. There are numerous flower species. They make the world a brighter place. Flowers evoke emotions in humans and are often used to communicate different emotions in humans through gifting.

Flowers make the ultimate gift for a loved one. Among all the other gift options you might have, a flower bouquet will definitely work for almost any occasion.

Different colours of flowers have special meanings and can help to send the desired message for a specific occasion or person.

In this article, we will explore the various types of flowers in Nairobi, their colours, meanings and occasions they can be gifted. 

Red Flowers

Red is the colour of passion. Red flowers symbolize romance, love, desire, courage and respect. The most common red flowers are red roses.

Red flowers make a perfect valentine, anniversary and romantic gift. They generally send a message of strong love, passion and affection.

Yellow Flowers

This is the colour of happiness. Yellow flowers are bright and have the effect of the morning sun. They show happiness, joy, friendship, good times, new beginnings and celebration mood. Yellow flowers make the best deep friendship gifts. Common yellow flowers include sunflowers, calla lilies, statice, roses, gerbera daisies, lilies and tulips.

White Flowers

White is the colour of purity and peace. White flowers symbolize innocence, purity, sympathy and perfection. White flowers show pure love. They make the best gift for a get well soon message, best wishes for a loved one or condolence package when a loved one is grieving as they send the message of hope. White flowers include Roses, Daisies, Tulips, Lilies, Dahlias, Carnations, Arabicum and baby’s breath.

Purple Flowers

Purple is the colour of royalty and purple flowers symbolize just that. They signify refinement, elegance, admiration, success and achievement.

Purple flowers symbolize dignity, grace, transition, respect and harmony. They have a charming nature. They send a deep message of respect, romance and pride.

Purple flowers are the perfect apology gift. Purple flowers include Dahlias, Lilies, Statice and Chrysanthemums.

Pink Flowers

Pink is generally believed to be a feminine colour. Pink flowers send a message of love, gentility, happiness, kindness, grace, forgiveness and feminism.

Pink flowers show sweetness, tenderness and at the same time elegance. They are the best gift to a lady on any occasion. They have a brightening effect. They show innocent and romantic love especially teenage romance. They show beautiful and pure emotion.

Pink flowers are a must for mother’s day, baby showers, girlfriends and valentine day gifts. 

Common pink flowers include roses, lilies, Chrysanthemums, Daisies and Carnations.

Orange Flowers

Orange is a strong, fiery and bold colour. Orange bouquets are bright and eye-catching. They symbolize excitement and passion.

A gift of orange flowers bouquet shows confidence and boldness. They are a perfect gift for weddings, proposals, engagement, graduation and welcome home parties.

You can also use orange flowers bouquet to gift someone who made you happy, to thank someone or to express strong emotions of passion, love and desire.

Common orange flowers include orange roses, Tulips, Sunflowers, Lilies and Chrysanthemums. 

Blue Flowers

Blue colour brings the feeling of serenity. Blue flowers are refreshing and calm. A bouquet with blue flowers sends the message of peace, inspiration, sensitivity, trust and thoughtfulness.

They are the best gift during a vacation or holiday as they give a relaxation mood. They speak intimacy and deep affection. They are also great gift ideas for long-term friends, couples and family.

Because of the soothing effect of the blue colour, you can send blue flowers to a sick person as a get well soon gift, or to someone going through challenges and hard times.

Some of the blue flowers include Delphinium, Statice, Hyacinth, morning glory, blue orchid and lobelia

Green Flowers

Green is the colour of nature. Green flowers represent nature, good health and rebirth. It symbolizes youthfulness, restoration, good fortune, hope, fertility and life. 

Green flowers are awesome New Year gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, farewell gifts, environment day gifts and Valentine’s Day. They send a message of joy, a new beginning and celebration. They symbolize the beginning of a new happy season after some tribulations, such as sickness and life challenges.

Some green flowers include carnations, Chrysanthemums, plants and orchids.

Mixed Flowers

Mixing flowers is a classy way to create a long-lasting impression and communicate strong emotions. Different flowers with different colours and sizes can blend very well to give a bouquet like no other. 

Red roses and Baby breath mix is flawless and attractive, Perfect romantic bouquet. 

You can mix different colours of roses, chrysanthemums, tiger lilies etc to match your theme.

Mixed flowers are also a unique way to send a strong message using different flowers in the bouquet. For example, a bouquet with red, white, yellow and green flowers can symbolize a strong emotion of romantic love with sincerity, coupled with a desire to move to the next level of happiness and good times.

Common flowers that make great gifts


Roses are a very popular type of flower. They come in many colours, shapes, sizes and scents. Roses are commonly associated with beauty. They have a beautiful scent. Roses mainly symbolize romance, but they can also symbolize other feelings. For example, yellow roses are commonly known as a ‘good times flower’ because yellow is a vibrant colour for cheerful moments.

They come in different colours. Red, white, pink, yellow, purple, orange and green.

Different colours of roses are used as gift items for various occasions. For example, gifting a lady a red rose can send a love message.


These flowers resemble lilies. They are colourful with a captivating scent. In the gifting industry, Alstromeria flowers will brighten your bouquet more and give it a brighter look.

They come in a wide range of colours. White, red, pink, yellow, purple and green.

Looking for a friendship gift? Alstromeria flowers are a perfect choice. White Alstromeria represent true friendship. 


These flowers are also called baby’s breaths. They are a type of tiny carnations which are mostly either white or pink. They are usually used as a filler in bouquets and they make beautiful and bright bouquets with good colour contrast. 

Gypsophila flowers are mostly used in bridal bouquets and romantic flower gifts.

These flowers symbolize everlasting love, compassion, innocence, trust, purity, sincerity, romance and happiness. They are associated with eternal love.


Also called the Arabian Starflower or Star of Bethlehem is a star-shaped flower that is sweetly scented. It is available in Green, white and creamy white colours with a bead-like black eye in the middle.

This flower is ornamental for its beauty and scent. It is a perfect gift for religious ceremonies such as Christmas, Easter and Good Friday holidays.

The Arabicum flower symbolizes forgiveness, hope, honesty, purity, unity and innocence. You can also send it as a make-up gift after a fallout between friends, couples and family, or get together functions.

It is suitable as an apology bouquet.


These are bright cheerful and colourful flowers always associated with new beginnings, affection, innocence, fun, beauty and hope. Daisies have a sweet scent. They symbolize purity and fertility.

Daisies are perfect gifts for newborns, new parents and New Year celebrations. They symbolize hope, openness and peace. They come in different bright colours such as white, pink, red and blue.

Gerbera Daisy 

Gerbera Daisy is among the most popular flower in the world. They come in several colours including Yellow, Orange, Pink, White, Cream and Red. These bright colours always Symbolize Happiness, cheerfulness and celebration.

They are a perfect flower gift for a ‘get well soon, a graduation gift, for new parents and marriage anniversary flower gifts.


Tulips flowers have a unique and perfect shape. They are flowers of love and deep connection. They represent deep love. These flowers are brightly coloured, therefore symbolizing vibrancy, courage, passion, affection and boldness. They are red, white, yellow, orange and pink. 

They are large and easy to notice. Each colour of the tulip flower has a different meaning from the other. Yellow tulips gift is the best flower bouquet to send to a crush and when you want to declare your love for someone.


Lilies are some of the flowers used to express sadness, peace and hope. White lilies are common during and after funerals, as they symbolize innocence and hope.

There are many types of lilies, each with a different meaning. Other colours of lilies symbolize purity, new life, rebirth and fertility. 

Lilies are available in many colours such as white, pink, purple, yellow, orange and red. You can gift different colours of lilies for various occasions. Red lilies symbolize love and attraction.  


Dahlias are the flowers of elegance. They are brightly coloured and have a calm scent. Dahlias brighten any bouquet. They are available in yellow, white, red and purple colours. They symbolize commitment, honesty, wealth and attachment.

Dahlias are edible to humans but toxic to cats, dogs and horses.

Dahlias are a perfect gift for embracing positive energy, such as congratulatory occasions.


Carnations are visually appealing and long-lasting. They also have a sweet scent and are among the edible flowers. White Carnations have been considered the flowers of mourning. They signify sorrow, sadness and death. When a loved one is grieving, this is the best flower to consider as a gift as it also shows love, loyalty and healing.

Other colours of carnations have different meanings. There are white, pink, red and yellow colours. Pink carnations symbolize Fascination, distinction and love. This is the perfect gift for the person you consider special and charming.

Red and yellow carnations symbolize love, healing, and strength. They are the colours of hope. Yellow is the colour of new beginnings.


These are a type of berry flowers. They are mostly used as fillers in bouquets and flower boxes. Berries blend well with other flowers such as roses, carnations, daisies and lilies.

Berry flowers come in several colours, Green, red, peach, pink, yellow and orange. They give the bouquet a special touch, making it colourful, unique and thoughtful.

Berry flowers in a bouquet will make it colourful gifts for occasions such as baby showers, valentines, mother’s day, engagements, birthdays and weddings.


Also known as sea lavender, statice is a decorative flower used as a filler in the bouquet. It is a colourful flower that will make any flower bouquet warm and beautiful.

Statice comes in various colours such as pink, purple, orange, yellow, white and blue, making them attractive and thoughtful flowers.

Statice flower as a gift represents memory, remembrance, success and thoughtfulness. It is the perfect I miss you gift, homesick gift, Sympathy gift and Reunion gift.


Chrysanthemum flowers are colourful and brightly coloured. They are beautiful and thoughtful. They come in Red, yellow, white, orange and purple colours. 

They make the best birthday and baby shower gifts as they symbolize life, rebirth and new beginnings. You can also send them as a get well soon gift to a sick person.

They also represent love, happiness, joy and long life. Yellow and white Chrysanthemums are widely used in Asia as a “See you soon” or goodbye gift.

Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies are a type of spotty lilies associated with honour and riches. They have vibrant colours and spots on their petals.

Their lively colours represent energy, adventure, strength, esteem and a sense of balance. It represents morality and righteousness. They are also used to symbolize love and kindness.

When you gift a loved one a bouquet of tiger lilies, it sends a message of honour, honesty, positivity, pride and confidence. They are a perfect flower gift to a boss, your teacher, a politician, an elder or a person who hold higher status whom you want to send a sweet flower gift courteously. 

Calla lilies

These flowers are known for making a bouquet colourful and stunning. Calla lilies are available in white, cream, pink, maroon, yellow and purple colours. Different colours send different messages. Calla lilies generally symbolize fertility, rebirth, a new beginning, innocence, purity, holiness, faithfulness and rebirth.

White calla lilies symbolize good luck, joy and purity. They are famous gifts during weddings, engagement parties and as gifts for couples.

Pink calla lilies show admiration, appreciation, beauty and feminism. They are great gifts for a girlfriend, a wife and bridal bouquets.

Yellow Calla lilies send a message of gratitude, joy, peace and celebration.

A bouquet gift with purple calla lilies symbolize passion, elegance, royalty and grace.

Calla lilies flowers are common during Good Friday and Easter Monday celebrations.

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