• Heavenly Tea Hamper

    Heavenly Tea Hamper

    This Heavenly Tea Hamper is a great gift for tea enthusiasts. This hamper includes Stir Me heavenly hamper hibiscus tea and fruity floral medley tea. Fruity Floral has a fruity earthy taste while the hibiscus is a healthy tea rich in vitamin C.

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    KSh 1,650.00
  • Stir Me Green Tea Hamper

    Stir Me Green Tea Hamper

    This Stir Me tea hamper has Sweet and Aromatic tea with a sweet aroma and an earthly taste. It also includes green tea which has bountiful health benefits and relaxing effects. The tea comes packed in tea bags.

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    KSh 1,350.00
  • A Pack of Stir Me Heavenly Hibiscus Tea

    Stir me heavenly hibiscus. Comes loosely packed as whole flowers in a beautiful box to keep them fresh. Has a distinctive taste and sweet aroma and is caffeine-free.

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    KSh 600.00KSh 1,000.00
  • Tea Gifts

    Stir Me Kenyan Tea Gifts

    This is a combination of chamomile tea and Loose leaf oolong tea. This tea is made in Kenya and has a distinctive taste. The Oolong tea has an earthy taste with a honey aroma while chamomile has a relaxation effect since it’s caffeine-free. Chamomile is the best tea to have before getting into bed.

    You can choose a personalized mug to go with it. It’s a great gift for a mum, wife, and more.

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    KSh 1,350.00
  • Stir Me Tea Flavored Gift Pack

    Enjoy a good cup of brewed tea by getting flavored tea from our wide variety. Our tea variety includes; black tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, chamomile tea, masala tea, mango mania tea, and more.

    In addition to this tea, you can also get your loved one a Maasai fleece blanket and a mug. You can have them personalised for free even making the hamper more special.

    From: KSh 800.00 From: KSh 650.00
  • Tea Gift Hamper

    Tea Gift Hamper

    This gift hamper includes zafrani tea, masala tea, and sweet and aromatic oolong tea. Zafrani is the best choice of a pick-me-up tea, it gives you the energy to keep going on a rough day. It has a cardamon taste. Oolong tea has an earthly taste with a honey aroma. Masala tea is sweet and spicy because of its infused species.

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    KSh 2,650.00

We have several flavors of stir-me-tea.

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