• Ballantines Finest Blended Scotch- 750 Ml

    This is a bottle of Ballantine’s finest blended scotch whisky. It contains 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). It’s a bottle of smooth and fine whisky produced in Dumbarton, Scotland. This is a perfect gift for him or for a boyfriend. You can also pick other items to make a gift hamper.

    This is a 750 ml bottle.

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    KSh 2,200.00
  • Branded Whisky Flask Set with Leather Details

    Branded Whisky Flask Set with Leather Details

    This Branded Whisky Flask Set is a perfect gift for him. It includes a whisky flask, a corkscrew wine opener with a foil cutter, a bottle top opener, a whisky funnel, and two tot glasses.  The items are made of stainless steel material and genuine leather. They are both classic and functional.

    To add some touch to this set, you can add a bottle of whisky or wine for them at an extra cost. Place your order today and let us organize it for you and deliver it to your or their doorstep.

    It’s a great gift for a him, dad, husband, friend, boyfriend and more.

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    KSh 2,699.00
  • Glenfiddich 15 Years

    Glenfiddich 15 Years

    Glenfiddich is a single malt scotch whisky. This is a 1 Litre bottle and it contains 40% alcohol volume(40%). This whisky has been made by the Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland. It is an award-winning whisky that is matured for 15 years in bourbon to achieve its long and smooth finish. It has a sweet vanilla and dark fruit fragrance with a ginger and cinnamon taste.

    It’s the perfect drink for any day at any time. For a sweet vanilla whisky, you can also have a taste of the Ballantine’s whisky.

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    KSh 14,999.00
  • Grants Whisky

    Grants Whisky

    Grants whisky is a blended scotch whisky. This whisky has been matured in three different kinds of wood to achieve its smooth, rich and mellow taste. This is a 750 ml bottle and it contains 40% alcohol by volume (ABV).

    If you like grants you can check other fine whiskeys such as Ballantine’s, Glenfiddich, and more.

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    KSh 2,900.00
  • Jack Daniels Whisky

    Jack Daniels is an American whisky. It is one of the finest and best-selling. You can have it neat, on the rocks, or with coke. This drink does not disappoint and it’s a great gift for a special someone. You can buy it as a celebratory gift, a graduation gift, a thank you gift, and more.

    This drink is made in a distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee USA. This is a 700 ml bottle.

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    KSh 3,700.00
  • Walkers Brandy Truffle Liqueurs

    Walkers Brandy Truffle Liqueurs

    These Walkers Brandy Truffle Liqueurs have an alcohol by volume of 1.3%. The milk chocolate has brandy liqueur fillings.

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    KSh 1,199.00

Send whisky gifts to friends and family and get to celebrate their wins while creating unforgettable memories and moments. Get to enjoy some of the best fine-aged whisky while having good moments. You can also add some nuts, chocolates, and more alcoholic gifts to your order. You order and we deliver to your special ones without spoiling the surprise.

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