Maasai Fleece Blanket – Souvenir

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This Maasai Fleece Blanket – Souvenir has been made with love for you. The blue and pink Maasai shuka has been paired with blue fleece. You can also choose your favorite color combination from our wide collection.

This blanket has been embroidered with a Kenyan flag and a message. This can be used as a throw blanket during travels. Order your cozy blanket today and have us know the message you would like done on the fleece. This blanket is big enough for a 4 by 6 bed.

This blanket is a great gift as a souvenir, it can also be given as a going away gift to a colleague, friend boss and more.

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This Souvenir Maasai Fleece Blanket has been crafted with care just for you. Pairing a blue and pink Maasai shuka with blue fleece, it offers a cozy touch. You have the option to select your preferred color combination from our extensive range.

Embellished with a Kenyan flag and a personalized message, this blanket doubles as a versatile throw during travels. Place your order today for this snug blanket and let us know the message you’d like embroidered on the fleece. Sized to fit a 4 by 6 bed, it ensures comfort wherever you go.

Ideal as a souvenir, this blanket also serves as a thoughtful going-away gift for colleagues, friends, bosses, and more.

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