Maasai Light Fleece Blanket with a Logo

KSh 2,250.00

In stock


Maasai Fleece blankets make for very unique corporate gifts for employees. Here at Pablo Gift Shop, we personalize corporate gifts by branding them with company logos. These fleece blankets can be made for employees each having your preferred colour combination. This Maasai Fleece Blanket has been personalized with Mothokinju Pains and Cement Logo.

This blanket has a red fleece with a red checked Maasai shuka. These blankets come in handy when going for retreats, traveling, or going for picnics. This is a great gift for employees and staff, end-of-year gifts, and more.

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At Pablo Gift Shop, we specialize in crafting distinctive corporate gifts for your employees, and our Maasai Fleece blankets are no exception. We take pride in personalizing these gifts with your company’s logo, ensuring they stand out. Each blanket can be customized to feature your preferred color scheme, making them truly unique.

The Maasai Fleece Blanket showcased here boasts a vibrant red fleece adorned with a traditional red-checked Maasai shuka pattern. These blankets are incredibly versatile, perfect for retreats, travel, or picnics. They make excellent gifts for employees and staff, ideal for end-of-year appreciation and beyond.

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