Personalised Fleece Blanket-Anniversary Gift

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This Personalised Fleece Blanket-Anniversary Gift has a black fleece blanket paired with a yellow and green checked Maasai shuka. This is a nice piece that represents Kenyan culture and can be gifted to friends, family, or even a colleague. It can also be a great gift when given as a souvenir.

This blanket is incredibly warm and soft and is big enough to share with a loved one and has been branded with an anniversary message. We provide free embroidery for the blanket and also free shipping.

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The Personalized Fleece Blanket-Anniversary Gift features a black fleece blanket combined with a yellow and green checkered Maasai shuka, embodying the rich culture of Kenya. Suitable for gifting to friends, family, or colleagues, it doubles as a wonderful souvenir. This blanket offers exceptional warmth and softness, generously sized for sharing with a loved one, and comes adorned with a customized anniversary message. We offer complimentary embroidery services for the blanket, along with free shipping.

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