Rafiki Maasai Light Fleece Blanket

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This Rafiki Maasai Fleece Blanket has a grey, soft, and warm fleece blanket paired with a checked white and red Maasai shuka. This blanket is big enough to cover you and your loved one. It can fit a 4 by 6 bed. This blanket can be used as a throw blanket on the couch. This Maasai blanket can be personalized with a message by embroidery.

This is a great gift for a girlfriend, a mom, a wife, a friend, and more. It can be personalized with a message for free making it more special as a gift.

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The Rafiki Maasai Fleece Blanket comprises a cozy grey fleece blanket along with a traditional Maasai shuka in white and red checks. Generously sized to cover both you and your loved one, it comfortably fits a 4 by 6 bed and doubles as a stylish throw for your couch. Personalization through embroidery adds a unique touch, making it an ideal gift for girlfriends, moms, wives, friends, and beyond. The option for free personalization enhances its value as a thoughtful and special gift.

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